Saturday, April 12, 2014

frankie magazine

Last month I was lucky enough to work on the cover for one of my favorite magazines, Frankie, and it's on newsstands now. It was a total dream job because I got to draw exactly what I love most: dream girls and boys wandering around with their plants and ice cream and cats. I thought I'd share a little process because it was so fun to draw, and my unedited drawings can be interesting on their own.

I painted everything in black ink so I could place and layer them exactly where I wanted in photoshop and pick my colors out carefully. It's nice to do it this way because color is one of my favorite parts, and I get to play around with it more. I drew the figures first, and then the background colors for their clothes and objects with tracing paper.

And the final! You get a little peek at some guys who suffered from cropping. Thanks so much to AD Holly McCauley!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pattern & Porcelain

Prop stylist Carla Gonzalez-Hart and photographer Christopher Testani used a couple of my fabrics in their editorial pairing dinnerware with work by contemporary textile designers. So nice!

Monday, March 31, 2014

F/W 2014 Scarf Collection

I'm so excited to announce my F/W 2014 Scarf Collection, along with the launch of my brand new webshop. These are a handful of my favorites, and the full lookbook can be seen here.

This is my first real series that I've planned ahead of time and is available for wholesale, and it's a really good feeling to see it stand on its own and not on Etsy! Since these are some of the first pieces that will be in stores, I wanted to release a couple updated versions of everyone's favorite cat patterns, as well as four entirely new designs.

Many, many thanks to Dylan for web design, Amber Mahoney for photography, Emily Theobald for styling, and Taylor LaShae for modeling.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I drew a big street crowd for a recent job, and haven't been able to quit my #streetstyle search on tumblr. It's like 70% Kardashian/Jenner which is upsetting, but it's really relaxing to pick out favorites and elaborate on their outfits.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two Serious Ladies

Last year I worked on the cover illustration & lettering for the reissue of Jane Bowles' 1943 novel, Two Serious Ladies. Jane Bowles was a New York City writer, and this is her only novel. I liked reading John Waters' take on this book here, and I feel lucky to be a part of something that was important to other New Yorkers decades before I was born and arrived in this city.

Many many thanks to AD Allison Saltzman at HarperCollins Ecco :D

Monday, January 27, 2014

what i wore to the studio

Monica, Rachel, and I started a new blog of the most mundane fashion, what we wear to the studio. Follow along as I wear the same sweater 5 days in a row.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Fun free day last week painting flowers.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Selfie Sticker Pack

Hey! My favorite illustrator pals and I did this pack of 7 vinyl stickers (die-cut! fancy). Also featuring the illustrated selves of: Luis Domingo, John Garcia, Masuko Jo, Rachel Levit, Ray Masaki (who also did the header card design & lettering), and Monica Ramos.

Mine is me and Moses, of course.

Buy it here before it's gone - edition of 40!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is not really my holiday; my mom is visiting this year and we'll probably go to a movie and get Chinese food. I decided I'm not doing gifts this year either, aside from a special few who will get handmade ceramics. So, this is my gift guide for YOU, or things you should really get yourself if you can. Some of these I have and some I don't (taking beanie recommendations, though I'll probably end up asking Gina to knit me one.)

Here's where you can buy it all: On Flora zine, giantlion rings, Acne Alma boots, OUI candles

Monday, November 25, 2013


This is my black cat print, est. Oct 2010.

I came up with the black cat print when I was a sophomore at Parsons, so it really should have died with all the other terrible work I was doing then. It also isn't very representative of what my style has become. But, it was the first thing I put online that caught the attention of bloggers, which lead to customers and then real clients. Looking back at my "career" (er, the year and a half I've been out of school) I credit all my success with this image. I still sell products printed with it, and so much of my work, cat-related and otherwise, is derived from it. It was the first pattern I ever made! And so, I feel really protective over it, and it was a big blow as many individuals and companies began to copy it. Many were very poor imitations on Etsy, or DIYs on fashion blogs, but a handful, like the examples below, were larger manufacturers.

Top row, Pepaloves Spring 2013; bottom row, H&M Summer 2013, dress for sale here

Some of these make me more upset than others. The H&M cat print is the most different from mine, and is likely more inspired by the trend than my exact work. I'm mostly bothered that I may have contributed to the manufacturing of thousands and thousands of cheap polyester items. It also makes me sad that the BeckSöndergaard and Joyfolie lines below are carried at Anthropologie, a client I really respect and love working with, and who first released a big run of black cat dresses in Summer 2012.

Top row, BeckSöndergaard Fall 2013, tote here and scarf here; bottom row, Joyfolie Spring 2013

I learned a very sad, very expensive lesson from all of this: anyone can steal your work and there isn't really anything you can do. I had a licensing lawyer send a couple cease-and-desists, but they don't do anything. The companies know you're too small to actually sue them, and they'll just put you off until you give up. Public shaming seems to be the best action.

In the end I try not to think about it. My work is a very small dot in the world, and images, trends, and products cycle at such a fast pace. I'm just going to keep making new work, and at least I can tax deduct all the lawyer's fees.

Update: Here is a brand new one by Dear Creatures, Holiday 2013. The shape is a little different and it's knit, but let's be real.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I went to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum a couple weeks ago and drew these favorites from photos I took. I get so bored looking at fashion online, but it's exciting to see it in a museum and in a historical context. This show was so well done, and the shapes of his work are so inventive I imagined everything I looked at like it was already a drawing.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

etsy's industrial revolution

I did my first thing for the NYT, feelin like a real illustrator. And, very appropriately, it's about Etsy and the history and evolution of handmade goods. You can read the article here. Many thanks to ADs Josh Cochran & Matt Dorfman!