Wednesday, May 29, 2013

blue cats and more ceramics

Nothing you haven't seen before here. These are some sketches for cat-shaped dishes I'm thinking of making in ceramics. I've figured out another glazing technique that works well for the painted detail I'm after with a delft-like blue wash over a milky white glaze. Here's a test tile I made in this method:

It was pretty exciting to have something that's high fired come out well after weeks of failed attempts. All the successful pieces I've been making are low fired, so it's easier to paint detail, as glazes and oxides tend to run or react unexpectedly when the kiln is super hot. But this is working! The feel of the ceramic after it's high fired is also so satisfying, the clay is stronger and has a nice "tink!" when you tap it.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Boogie, Pam, and Truffle

Boogie, Pam, and Truffle are my friend Courtney's dogs. She runs a handmade shop called Napkin and sent me one of her amazing pom banners so I made her these mini ceramic figures of her dogs.
If you don't follow Courtney on Instagram you should. I also recommend Pam's personal account.

More on my pom banner: it says RICH BITCH, and hangs above my desk to help me stay motivated even when I'm making cat dress after cat dress to pay my overpriced Bushwick rent. I moved into a new studio recently, and I'll post photos soon when it's all set up.

Friday, May 24, 2013

summertime, almost.

It's raining a lot so I'm drawing summer things and thinking about my California trip in July. Sidenote- I think I've given up on my tumblr, and I'm planning on updating this blog more. I really wanted to post daily drawings...and that lasted for a few weeks...and now I feel like I haven't made anything in 2 months. But I have! So more posts soon.