Friday, November 6, 2009

My favorite girls live in San Francisco.

Photos of Delaney, Kendall, and Muriel, collaged by Muriel. Cat painting by I'm not sure who, probably Delaney (educated guess!).

There is something exciting about all of these for me because they are not overly labored or thought-out. They're not created by anyone who's in art school and is drilled on compositions and color harmonies. Maybe it's the appeal of the "naive" they all liked so much with Rousseau and them, but I feel like my girls (yes they're mine, all my little sisters) are effortlessly creating what others, myself included, work hard at. I'm certainly more dexterous with an exacto knife, but doesn't it seems so labored in comparison?

Yes and no. I'm not sure or I don't know. But I do know Taylor and I were sitting here tonight looking at these pictures like shit, we wish we were that cool.