Tuesday, September 11, 2012

blueberries / summer dreams

A few blueberry-related drawings I did over the summer. The top one is me as an Indian girl picking blueberries in Bar Harbor, Maine. That dream didn't happen this summer, and I baked a lot of blueberry bran/flax muffins with all our CSA blueberries instead. I can't guarantee that this recipe will work for you because I mostly made it up, but it made the best muffins ever every time I used it.


  1. this is so cute. i love the drawings of all the ingredients! blueberry muffins rule.


  2. Hi! I simply adore your art work, and I was wondering if you ever do commissions. Please let me know either way. :)

    1. Hi Robyn,
      Thanks so much! I work frequently doing illustration and licensing for companies, and I will do the occasional private commission, like portraits of people or pets. Hope this answers your question!

  3. bahhh i just love everything you do so much

  4. Hello!!!
    I'm a spanish girl and sorry, my english is very bad.
    Your blog is fantastic, and you made things very very beautifull, your draws are amazing, congratulation, I love your blog!!!!!
    I add your blog to my blogroll.

  5. Those sound so unbelievably tasty. Your paintings are adorable, you have such a defined style.

  6. You create very beautiful patterns and paintings... This blueberry flax muffin illustration would be perfect painted onto a tile... Just an idea, I know i'd love a series like this in my kitchen.