Sunday, May 26, 2013

Boogie, Pam, and Truffle

Boogie, Pam, and Truffle are my friend Courtney's dogs. She runs a handmade shop called Napkin and sent me one of her amazing pom banners so I made her these mini ceramic figures of her dogs.
If you don't follow Courtney on Instagram you should. I also recommend Pam's personal account.

More on my pom banner: it says RICH BITCH, and hangs above my desk to help me stay motivated even when I'm making cat dress after cat dress to pay my overpriced Bushwick rent. I moved into a new studio recently, and I'll post photos soon when it's all set up.


  1. Such a wonderful creation! Leah, you're definitely a multi-talented individual. Happy to see you returning to blogging, and hope to see more posts more often!

  2. your work is are ultra-talented. keep creating!


  3. Those pups might just be turning this cat lady around. Beautiful in ceramic and real life form!