Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OUI & Me

I've been a big fan of Angela Hodgkinson's line of ceramic candles, OUI, for a long time, and when she emailed me and asked if I wanted to work together on a special collection of hand-painted candles I was thrilled. In April she shipped me 12 blank, bisqued teacups, and I painted them and shipped them back to her in Oklahoma City. Shortly after I sent off the box the devastating tornadoes struck. Angela and I are both devoted cat moms (I'm huge fans of Hazel and Jacques on her Instagram), and we decided to give all proceeds from the sale of this collection to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society for their work rescuing, saving, housing, and placing pets during and since the devastating May tornadoes.

The collection is for sale here.


  1. Hi Leah
    Great job! I love how each one has it's own quirky sophistication :)

  2. These candles are gorgeous. The artwork is so chic and so modern- I love the classy look! I'm so glad that you are taking a conscious effort to donate the proceeds-hats off to you :)
    xo Akshara

  3. Just bought one! I'm so glad I purchased a beautiful set for a good cause! Thanks Leah for your work!