Monday, March 31, 2014

F/W 2014 Scarf Collection

I'm so excited to announce my F/W 2014 Scarf Collection, along with the launch of my brand new webshop. These are a handful of my favorites, and the full lookbook can be seen here.

This is my first real series that I've planned ahead of time and is available for wholesale, and it's a really good feeling to see it stand on its own and not on Etsy! Since these are some of the first pieces that will be in stores, I wanted to release a couple updated versions of everyone's favorite cat patterns, as well as four entirely new designs.

Many, many thanks to Dylan for web design, Amber Mahoney for photography, Emily Theobald for styling, and Taylor LaShae for modeling.


  1. Wow beautiful scarves and stunning photos! xxx

  2. so much love for these, but especially the red floral one!

  3. a hearty congratulations to you --- your collection and webshop are beautiful!

  4. Such a gorgeous lookbook! Congrats on that and the new site/shop.

  5. Those scarves are so beautiful,I would like to get some from you,do you sell those?
    BTW we are experienced wholesaler in new york too,you can also check out our website,We are selling handbags,sunglasses and scarves,thank you in advance?